Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  My mod is 1.0.  Why do I need to do anything else?  First and foremost, it's about protecting your workers.  You can't be on the jobsite every day to ensure safe practices.  We champion safety at the field level so that, over time, your on site managers give safety the required priority.

2.  What constitutes a good safety program?  
FIELD FOCUS  - Build foremen and supers' awareness that safe practices are important.  Contracting Northeast
                              Safety Specialists demonstrates your company's commitment to a safe workplace.
                 -  Train field staff through toolbox talks.
             -  Inspect tools and equipment for safety violations.
         -   Review OSHA Compliance
     -  Review site audit findings with the jobsite supervisor.

MANAGEMENT FOCUS - Assure credibility for insurance negotiations.
                         -  A strong safety culture is a marketing tool, particularly with larger clients.
                 -  Northeast's experienced staff can help mitigate unreasonable demands by clients or CMs.
           -  Northeast's background in OSHA regs can help negotiate violations and assessments to make sure they are
                      consistent with common practice.
   -  In the event of a significant accident, your company can demonstrate it's commitment to worker safety.

3.  Is it expensive?  NO!  Northeast works with your staff to set up the program.  By leveraging our expertise, we
can keep the costs down.  We agree to a scope and a budget (no hidden costs).